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Nuno Bettencourt

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Can't find the way to stop the pain
Wracking my brain is working overtime
Why am i sleep inside your lap
You drain my blood and watch it overflow again
You're not my friend
You're a wicked enemy of who i am

Time for me to exit - i don't wanna be w/ you
I don't wanna spend my life w/ your emotional abuse
Time to make an exit - gotta get away from you
I spent every fuckin day w/ you telling me what to do
No no no...
Itz been sweel, but now itz time for me to go

You using your scientific mind
You take a plunger to my head and drain my thoughts
The vast selection of your moods
To get close to you i need an armored all terrain
You're so insane
As deep as hell as high as heaven every day

Watch me now i'm crawling to my escape
I don't care who's fallen apart
Itz too late

Call monty hall - lets make a deal
Been on the bus
Now ever since you took the wheel, i cannot feel
This is where i'm getting off to stop and heal


I can't stand it,
I can't stand it any more
Every day and night
You seem to ask for more
I can't stand it,
I can't stand it anymore!!!

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