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The Damage Manual

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Someone leans against the mirrored marvel
Reflecting rascals, anemic article
The part you least expected
It commands, expand

A flawless life form the lowest level
Rejects the offer you carried further
The talk is all so loaded
When you can, expand

A meager mission yields amazing purpose
Rebuilds your answer and flies it homeward
It's past tense, past attention
When you land, expand

A stranger grips upon your face upturning
You thrive on battle, you tried to settle
A prayer for making minus
In the hand, expand

Expand to reach a surface suffocated
Shown equipment too large to break
You lunge yourself to the underground
Got to expand, expand

A neural freeze and the coast is blunted
It's sharp afflicted, forever lifted
An amnesty for angels
Take the hand, expand

The perfect host for the endless story
The missing motion, the frozen ghost
The heart stops part achieving
When you stand, expand

The crawling pace cases accelerators
And false agendas they never end
The most you'll get is ignored
If you can, expand

Confused the birds fall and make a circle
The cry so quiet they'll never die
So weave between their tailspins
It's a sham, expand

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