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Yea, so you gone find me out there writing, probably walking in a crowd
Surrounding myself by people, a civillian type of cloud
Even though my music's bumping dont mean that you'll listen now
Through the stereo i just be asking plenty of women out

& when i say i'm shooting for the stars i aint lying
It's like the moon is my magnet and this shit has got me flying
Investige the truth before it gets to something worse than lying
Cause the outcome of some fake people always results in violence

I'm taking over this. you're taking over me
You're telling me to be people that i dont want to be
Why cant i just relax, and let music take path
I wont need any guidance until all this shit goes bad

Hey girl (x2)
Tell me what is so new
Tell me what's different about you
Cause i know stuff changed, & i know that shits different
Cause honestly i (chorus kicks in)

-joey d-
Ahead of my time, not your shine
Top of the line, i got pride
Came from the bottom, now im at the top
How you gonna feel when i get that spot
That i deserve, hope this works
Put in my own life & i gotta get first
First place feels like home
The only place i hope to call my own

Everythings messed up, everybody thinks they got it when they don't
Livin in a life to hard, with the money to far, take advantage cause they won't
Yea, i run this like the pope; fold that paper like a note
Yea, i'm cold now wheres my coat; rappers round' here all now sound broke
You like what you see? i don't either
I dont got time for mediocre
Messin with the best, it's our team or hang yourself just like a poster
210 till' the day i die
Yea i put on for my city, its the greatness in the making throw your hands up if you with me
Cause i
Do it all (x2)
B.t.b. i was born to ball
When you see me coming i'll be shining like a shooting star
Who you are? i dont know
Should have been there in the past
Can't turn back now i have came this far, i am here at last....uh

So you gonna tell me why i'm here & why i feel
All this local media cause they be screamin' in my ear
& im going to tell em' no different than what i told em all before
Cause i got some sick music so you know what you got in store
You better wait, you better listen
To all the shit i say
To my album, when it drops, we got about 30 more days
But you're going to hate me, you're gonna hate me
So girl we can go on, but you already know that you won't escape me.

Cause i'm,
Making my rounds, & i'm standing my ground
And i've seen a lot of shit through my lifes ultra-sound
But that don't mean that i cant go, that don't mean that i'm on a roll
But that don't mean that i gotta leave everybody else alone
So ima tell her, i told her. i told her that it's all good. (i told her, your life is my life & that you don't have to change)
It's alright i put out my music & embed it in your brain (this is my music cored up inside your brain)

So, she going to lie to me & tell me it ain't working out
Even though i'm putting in my work, so i'm working now.

She going to lie, & she's going to tell me things
Yea, & shes going to pretend that i've said all these things (ohhh -_-_-_)
When i've never even thought them before (x2)
I can't explain this all, media at most
I know that you got it, when most us even don't
I know,
She be lying to me, she be lying to you

She be telling us all this shit as if we knew the truth, the truth, the truth....

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