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Date de parution : 04/06/2006

Durée : 0:05:17

Style : Rock

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Bright explosion in the sky
A light that burned my eyes
Made me come alive
I thought i'd seen a sign
I prayed that i was right
As tears filled my eyes
Blurred the scene.

Now a sun inside me burns
Bleaching all my bones
And the rising smoke
Will carry me away,
To another place
I never lost my faith
Just my way.

'cause i exploded into life that day,
I'll never look back, i'll never look back
And no one can take these feelings away,
I'll never go back, i'll never go back.

Dark is flowing through the cracks
There is no turning back
Or giving into doubt.
I held my candle out
For forty days and nights
Like a firefly
In the big black sky.

I'll make the river run with pictures that i'd take
As a dying sun spits colours in it's wake.
Say you've seen enough
You'll only fan the flames.

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