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Legendary Pink Dots

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Date de parution : 27/07/2001

Durée : 0:03:4

Style : Rock

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Crushed in the corridor, swimming in smoke. broken leg, aching head -
Tried polite conversation in braille. broken french. though my friend
Chews his garlic, he's dead from his head to his sandles. i tear at the
Handle and we came to a shuddering stop and we topple like dominoes,
Swallowed the hot tide of bread crumbs and cheap wine... the cavalry dived
Into action with batons... knives... they gave me a fine, ripped the shirt
Off my back, threw my case on the tracks - saw it smashed to a fragmented
Mess by the midnight express from atlantis. oo-oo. a manifestation of pure
Liquid light. never stops at the stations, it flies overnight as we crawl
In a circle. the sinks overflow. all the windows are enclosed and the
Ape on my shoulder's overdosed. he rattles a can for some change then he
Rolls around, over in pain and wraps his legs around my ankles. i try to
Complain... all i want is a coffee and get off this train! oo-oo.

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