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Townshend Pete

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The tissue box is empty,
No coffee for my cream,
Dogs howl in the alley,
Crazy women scream,
Kids shout from their pick up trucks,
Stoned on life and beer,
Fifty radios playing in this street,
And i'm hardly still here.
Exquisitly bored in california,
We take our trouble to the crest
Exquisitly bored in california
Exquisitly bored - just like all the rest.
When the sun shines things'll get moving,
You feel close to the stars.
There are good times walking in laguna,
But it rains in my heart.
The peasants here are starving,
They look like barrels out in space.
Pray tv looks like pay tv to me,
It's just a curse on the human race.
Take a drive up to l.a.,
In my gas guzzling limousine.
There's a whole lot of crazy people up there,
Living out a life in sweet ennui.

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