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Date de parution : 31/10/2013

Durée : 0:04:02

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(verse 1: hodgy beats)
I'm attacking your captain, battle raps
Shitting, clogging and calling your plumber
How these old ass niggas newcomers?
I'm coming sunny mcsummer
Nose runny, gunning like hunters
While tune and (??)
Fuckboys listening to gangsta records
Now they flex like bedford
Knowing that i take they wives, stepford
I'm all about the extras, nigga read all about it
Extra tits, excessive spliffs, clouded, surrounded never grounded
Higher than my curb palace
Wondering lands of lakes with alice
My point is valid when my character is challenged
Looking malice in the face like "bitch you owe me a favor"
Turn my head to karma, fuck it i'll deal with you later
I'm the exterminator, my eyes low and red like the terminator
Arnold schwarzenegger perpetrator
Pepper spraying the furthest hater
Nigga my service awaits ya, wake up and smell the percolator
I'm smoking and blowing gators

(verse 2: domo genesis)
Fuck the whole world, i fuck a niggas bitch
I fuck the rap game with my fist til' i get sick of this
Spittin' sick, ripping through visions of written syphilis
He slit his wrist to ink all these verses, blood in my penmanship
Hit or miss, bitch i'm batting like i'm on ped's
Niggas want to switch they words like baby boy on bet
Young niggas still cruising we're moving like he's eazy- e
Easy spitting ether watchem' freak and leak like petey-p
Fuck everybody, no love for human ecology
I bomb like i'm islamic for all the shit you ain't promise me
Fuck is competition? nobody poppin' as hot as me
I'm running shit, several miles ahead and still ain't stopped to breathe
I don't need no help, my bitches tell me by myself
Fuck with my niggas from of, don't feel nobody else
Still perfecting my rhymes, you niggas chilling on the shelf
Watching my steps, you like my kid i'll hit you with a belt

(verse 3: hodgy beats and domo genesis)
I got it covered i'm ontop of that (ontop of that)
They pop and live i'm stopping that
Fuck ya' little raps nigga hip hop is back
Popping straps, stocking caps
Buy some crack
Can't forget we smoking weed (bitch a lot of that)
Remember that you're fucking with the wolf gang
The louder pack
Remember that my niggas gotta eat
We browse your house in fact
In fact we'll take your spouse and nap with her
Then we'll bounce her back, nigga

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