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Nocturnal Rites

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Date de parution : 04/04/1998

Durée : 0:04:42

Style : Heavy Metal

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Beyond the valley lies a neverending force,
The strongest of powers ever known.
For a thousand ages they tried to get hold
Of the power that lies out of reach.
No swords of magic, no powers of man
Could ever break the seal of fate.
Look within yourself to find the true meaning
The end is closer than you know.

Break the silence of the storms.
Find the keys to the seventh winds.
Beyond this world lies a secret,
Men would die to uncover.
But within is where we learn how to see,
Where the journey begins.

Eye of the demon.

Open the eye into a neverending world
To live the dream you never knew
Fill your heart with strenght from the mind
Rise to live and never die.

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