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Billy Squier

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Date de parution : 25/03/2011

Durée : 0:04:41

Style : Rock

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I watch you on the tv--you're with me every place i go
I'm caught up in the daydream--i'm into everyone you know
Turn on the action--grab every minute
Learn every lesson--then live to regret it
I'm so distracted--my mind's disengaged
Sharin' the moments when you're all the rage

I got my eyes on you
Got my eye on you...

Those overnight conditions always get the best of you
You're fuelin' my suspicions--i'm taken by the sneak preview
You got the numbers--you got no limits
One day you're out but the next day you're in it
You find the answers--you know what to say
Give us our reasons for livin' today

I got my eyes on you
Got my eye on you...

We share the laughter and pain when you're in it
Bring on disaster--cause we know you'll win it
We're all believers--so watch what you say
Turn on those feelin's...i can't look away

I got my eyes on you
Got my eye on you

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