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(verse 1:)
Come on get down, baby please don't be afraid to fly or drown.
Come on do what ever you want to. let's move around
Ain't no better time than here and now
I'll show you how to do it, if you want me to
Follow me and watch the way i move
Take your time listen to every sound
See it in the groove, girl let's get down
I can feel the love that's in the air tonight.


(verse 2:)
She shines so bright
You'll light up the whole room on the darkest night
I can tell that this one is gonna be that's hard to fight
Don't wanna lose the moment ohh it feels so right and i don't know what to do because
Baby girls so fine
I'm falling deep only she can bring me to life
Can tell her all the secrets is out it's in her eyes
Can't see no matter how hard i try
I can feel the love that's in the air tonight.

(beat plays til song ends)

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