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Girl i'm eyein you
You eyein me
I can picture in my head
We fulfillin fantasies
I wanna make you horny
Wanna make you scream
Me grindin on yo body
Thats whats in my dreams

Yung l:
I'm watchin you(watchin you)
You watchin me(watchin me)
Let me fulfill
Your fantasies(yo fantasies)
Your wet dreams
I wanna make you scream
Like ginuwine
In those jeans (those jeans)
We go for hours
Records breakin
We makin love
Your legs are shakin
I'm goin fast
You say go deeo
You look so innocent but girl you are a freak


Its around 8:30 and da suns goin down
You say you got on lingerie yea i like how that sound
When you alone wit thst boy redd its guaranteed its goin down
We started on the bed then we wound up on the ground
I kiss you on yo neck and then i kiss you on yo lips(lips)
When i kiss beneath yo hips(hips)
You start to bite yo lips(lip)
I'm a pro at this baby bets belive i ain't no amateur
Whisper somethin in yo ear bets believe its gon damage ya(watch how it damage you)
You never thought redd could be a freak between these sheets(sheets)
I'm a freak up in these sheets (sheets)
I'm bout to make yo body weak(weak)
Doing freaky things got you wet like the kitchen sink
Now yo head goin round and round like a roller rink


Touch all on yo body
Kiss you on yo hotspots
I'll fulfill yo fantasies like my name was topnotch
I'ma hit it non-stop
While we play dis slow song
I'ma make yo body scream and i'm bout to make yo body moan
Girl you all up in my heart
Girl you all up in my head
I'ma take you to my crib
I'ma get you in my bed
Yes you are a sexy girl
You're the finest thing i've ever seen
Now i know we want each other cuz i see yo eyein me


Girl you eyein me and i'm eyein you
I just wanna show you the freaky things we need to do
Girl i'm eyein you and you eyein me
Come into my room and i'll take you to ecstasy

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