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(chorus: x2)
(keep those) eyes open, gotta keep 'em open
Need a higher dose
Just something just a little more potent
My eyes open, gotta keep 'em open
Need a higher dose
Just something just a little more potent

On the gas, saved up the bat, can't forget where i came from
Same mistakes, that's madness, you end up back in those same slums
Day one, my eyes was on that prize that i sized up
Now i supposed to check, i supposed to check, i found that for the white fuck
Cold care, beauty pies, steaming all the way that jury lane
Bad fuck behind that mask, bitch might have that booty face
I earned this and i be down, before they told you i be there
I let you in, you bit the hand, nigga that's downright treason
My eyes out for that mischief, fuck that, fill clips
To the top, real rap, know that i just build this
Sweat, blood and tears, my brother died was the only time i shed tears
Then switched gears, pulled out of here like last year
Now everything gets smoothed, like jasmine, chinchilla
Puff so white, that's mac miller, for some kind of wait then blast, nigga
Worry me that's the good one, fear nothing, add 'em
'round here ain't no fab one, we knocks it without no flare gun

(chorus: x2)

I stay down, i'm a chaos, havoc and mayhem
To be in the streets you gotta be a brave man
Talk about you coming up and do the main band
'cause ain't no telling what these motherfuckers would do
Be prepared in case anybody fuck with the crew
They was in the club, watching, you was in the vip
Throwing hundreds around like money ain't nothing to you
They be the ones that fall back, up in the cut and probably in all black
Mean motherfuckers and they all strapped, looking you, acting like you was all that
Acting like you untouchable 'cause you tripping till they catch you slipping
And then what you thought you'd see?
Better be on top of your chip when you walking through the shots
Same demo when you walk through queens
Shorty like i doubt that, i got things and i'm 'bout that
This hood life what it look like, probably snatched up still ain't felt that
The game is better, it's cold or vice versa depending on what you see, so
Learn when to check your ego, watch your people, money is evil
When you learn to keep your

(chorus: x2)

Either with me or against me, there ain't no in-betweens
Don't walk around fearing no man when they bleed just like me
I represent that bad block, i'm mascot, is that real dope?
Roam around with that fuckery and get stomped out with them steel toes
Mashed up on that sidewalk, can't go against that current
Taking turns whipping that ass, we gonna give respect that's earned
And to whom it may concern, got a problem, be my guest
We will play fair but you will 'cause you're not keeping no death around
Keep those

(chorus; x2)

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