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Chen Emmanuel

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Well, it seems every 21st century song,
Talks about love, sex, yeah we're rich and you are poor
But no one wonders whats greater, whats more than the vanity that lies very much obscure.
I made it, i should sing a song to praise the lord
But know that the devil can also raise you up
But this song sings to you my god
Onye oma mu o
Ihunanya gi asogbo m
Mgbe m dara ada, i bulie mu o
Soso gi bu chim o,
Chukwu okike m
Mgbe riria oria, i gworom
Odogwu agadaga, dike mu o
Mmalite m
Ogwugwu m
Eze m

God is greater and hes greater than the rest
He is better and hes better than the best
He's indescribable, uncomparable, uncontainable, he's god alone.
He's higher than every mountain, his love is deeper than any sea.
Bigger and bigger and bigger my god is he.
M le anya n'ihu mu
M le anya n'azu mu o
A ga m ahu ihe ga-eme ma m jawa chineke mma