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Date de parution : 19/09/2011

Durée : 0:04:28

Style : Christian & Gospel

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I found you naked
I found you lying there
In blood.

Your mother left you,
Your father threw you out.

I clothed your body
I washed the blood and earth
From your hair.

I gave you jewelry
I gave you everything
I had.

I gave my heart
My heart, my love
I gave my heart,
My heart, my love

You became light
You were a stunning bride
The world, they saw you
And how you loved their eyes
My bride

You broke my heart
My heart, my love
You broke my heart
My heart, my love.

You sold your body;
Exposed to all, my love
You slept with strangers
You gave them everything we had.

Come back, my love
My love, come back.
Come back, my love.
My love, come back.

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