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Dj Clue

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(beanie sigle)

F*** the specilation chark over,
But nigga dig this, im bout to sunkiss like the soda,
And make j to the mmmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaaaaa,
Put his lips on his 9 and make him kiss the game goodbye,
You bout to really make me hurt you kiss,
Spittin candy bars this niggaz sweeter than a hershey kiss,
Got me heated bout to work the fifth,
Desel on the purple shit,
The rev gotta get a church for kiss,
You broke,talking bout you rock your self out,
When i see you gonna really wish you knock you self out,
Messin with sige need the whole lox to help out,
Is just me, i dont need the roc to help,
I could tell why styles say he the ghost of the shit,
I could tell by your rhymes you write most of shit,
U aint mmmmmwwwwaaa,u aint shit you bitch.

(dj clue)
D-j clue, desert storm, check for the rest on stadium part 1!

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