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Backstage at the troubadour
Got my bass on ready to go
And i dont care if there are celebrities at the show
Motivation exploitation empty to the very core
Youre a porn star rock star
6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other
Im not trying to be famous
Im not trying to be famous
Not my style cause it makes me sick
Im sorry if im not impressed with glitz and glitter
Some tabloid hollywood disaster
Vips red carpets just everything about it
I want something more
Not trying to be famous
Don't give me a vacant future i got things i wanna say
Dont care if you like it hate it
To me its just the same
Superficial when youd kill for pretty things you cant afford
Youre a monster under
Makeup and designer clothes
Sounds like a nightmare
Why would you want that
Youre outta your gourd man
No effing way
Im sorry if not impressed with glitz and glitter
You burnout hollywood disaster
Chewed up by the system
Another fashion victim
We want something more

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