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Monsters Of The Midday

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Watch out santa claus, watch out santa claus
You little fat faced queer
Ive been meaning to whoop your ass
I think ill do it this year
You aint brought my kids no toys
That is the big old story
Ill have to buy them all myself
And youll get the goddamn glory

Watch out santa claus, watch out santa claus
Dont land on my house
If you do, i swear to god
Ill let my pit bull out
She is nursing four damn puppies
And when i say attack
Shell climb up the damn chimney and
Shell bite you on your sack

Bite me santa claus, bite me santa claus
Dont come round this year
With that damn old rusty sleigh
And them mangy ass reindeer
Dancer is a but hole
Dancer is a fag
Tell rudolph ill make venison sausage
Outta his frickin ass

F u santa claus, f u santa claus
Lord, hear my prayer
I hope that you get ass raped by
That coke commercial polar bear
You never brought me nothin
Just a hunk of coal
So if you come by my house
I will shove it up your fat ass hole

And then im gonna whoop your ass
Behind the damn north pole

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