Paroles de Facade (closet of faces)

Mephisto Walz

pochette album Facade (closet of faces)
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Date de parution : 25/03/2009

Durée : 0:04:46

Style : Rock

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Like broken dreams of rich men
Who really don't have much
A pocketbook of promises
Their dreams are made of such
But silent desperation sold
They shop for what they want
They say, stop it are you using me
Come talk to me in grunts

Because of mass frustrations
Emotions hid in chains
How no forever can be measured
Eventually it just has to fade
Yet as a hunger beckons me
In fear i heed the call
A desire comes to me
Arresting touch as i recoil

The passion draws me from my sleep
I awaken from the darkest dreams
The secret eyes did laugh at me
And nothing's ever as it seems
The whispered promise i'll never hear
We're just passing with the night
These empty hands with touch unfelt
Are driving me from your saving light.

The devils dancing in my veins
There's a hatred in my mind
I'm disillusioned from my trust
This moments lost all out of time
The promise in my isolation
I'm lost with you inside
A part of me still unused
This mask for me to hide behind.

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