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(dead like elvis) (sample repeated in song)
Check, check, 1 2, check
U know what he's sayin'?

Face down! (x2)

Somebody once told him that he wouldn't take prince through the ringer
Let him go down as a washed up singer
Ain't that a bitch?
Thinkin' all along that he wanted 2 be rich
Never respected the root of all evil and he still don't 2 this day, huh
Bury him face down, let the motherfuckers kiss a ass, ok?

Face down! (x2)

Told 'em he wanted 2 sing a song about a black child goin' buck wild
And they just laughed in his face
Talk 2 your lawyer but u got no case
What u need 2 do is keep your place
Next time u pull a card, it better be a ace motherfucker
Or u can lay face down (face down!)

1 2
Face down! 1 2

Horn (x2)

Bass (x2)

Him and her meaning who i'm singin' about
And his psychoanalyst kinda saw the catalyst
As the devil with the blue jeans on, huh
Ain't it kinda funny when u see the dawn?
Sign the name they gave ya
But when them motherfuckers turn around ass up, u're what?

Face down! 1 2
Face down! new power generation in the house, bury 'em all
Face down! yes, oh lord
Face down!

Orchestra (x3)
Face down!
Face down!

It's in his will, i read it
He shot 2 kill, he said it
4 those who know the number and don't call
Huh, fuck all y'all

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