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Franks Enemy

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I'm so sorry i hurt you
And i must do it again
And it hurts me too
But i must do it
Half the time just want to crawl
And apologize
The other half feeling worse
>from knowing i'm right
One misstep away
Every day on my game
I try too hard
To survive each day
I have lost touch with what i was
With the lie that it was
They say the pottery must break again
I'm not mad but i wonder when
And if it's never then this is it
Til the day of my grave's deliverance
The line remains there to be toed
Rejoice in the patience that will surely grow
I owe you so very much
That i cannot repay
I wish you'd see it
And let me have my one more way
You owe me that much
Owe me to let me pay
You always let me go
But i wanted to stay

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