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Lie Captive

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Date de parution : 17/11/2011

Durée : 0:04:07

Style : Rock

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Ive been choked my whole life,
Until my face turns blue.
Swallowed conformity,
A bit too much to fucking chew.

Be weary and mindful,
Of the game that surrounds us,
Cuz its a game that no one wins.

Now im going crazy,
With these thoughts put in my mind.
Time to wipe the slate clean,
Destroy, rebuild before we run out of time.

Its not too late,
To take it all back,
And live a way thats right.

So lose control,
Of what we know.
Clear out your head,
And start things fresh.

Lets lose control,
Fuck what youre told.
Live a life of no regrets.

So just sit back and relax but know,
That no good can come from,
A mind dead and numb.

Im going crazy,
With these thoughts put in my mind.
I wont surrender,
I wont let you let me run out of time,
Cuz well run out of time.

And i wont be a victim,
I wont be a slave,
Dont tell me how to live,
My day by day.

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