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Q: why don't you smile?
A: ain't shit funny

Q: where is the toy warehouse?
A: google that shit

Q: do you put nutella on your waffles in the morning ?
A: i've been doing the berzerk face for two months straight

Q: hi! which person from history, do you most admire.. and why??
A: ali, wasn't afraid of any challenge

Q: did you overcome your fear of giraffes?
A: no, just sick of sticking my neck out for people

Q: if you could go back and change one thing about mmlp2, what would that be and why?
A: i would have added "don't front" on to the deluxe bonus disc but we didn't clear the sample in time

Q: what made you change your hair color again?
A: slim shady's back bitch

Q: how are you doing?
A: good

Q: what tips can you give to people who's just starting to write songs
A: keep writing

Q: i dont know what i ask :/
A: i don't know what you say

Q: ladies send me a friend request. married or single:) friends are always good:)
A: sned this guy a friend request

Q: do you even lift?
A: fuck yeah bro

Q: what is your all time favorite thing to do while you wind down from a busy day?
A: nintendo bitch, run punch jump

Q: do you have a dog?
A: nope

Q: what do you think of macklemore and ryan lewis and their style? what other artists do you like?
A: i think they made a great album

Q: how long did it take to write "rap god" ?
A: six minutes and one second

Q: what do you think j.cole?
A: he is dope

Q: what tips can you give to people who's just starting to write songs
A: keep writing

Q: who's your favorite comic-book hero?
A: spiderman

Q: that ken kaniff in wicked ways skit, damn man, laughed so much.
A: thanks, me too

Q: are you the first rapper to smack a bitch or say faggot?
A: apparently yes

Q: who's your favorite basketball team?
A: detroit pistons

Q: what time is it there ???
A: you have no idea how funny that is

Q: what is your favorite tv series/show?
A: the wire

Q: favorite spot to masterbate outside of home?
A: mcdonald's bathroom

Q: what's your favorite mexican food mother fucker
A: taco's bitch!

Q: awesome!
A: indeed

Q: what is byour favorte nfl team
A: the lions

Q: why do you hate the broncos so bad?
A: i don't, matthew does

Q: did you ever stroke rick rubin's beard in the studio to get ideas?
A: no, we only sampled "the stroke".

Q: i wish you could see my questions
A: i kinda just did

Q: can u mix your own track alone? i mean eq compression etc
A: pretty damn close

Q: what inspired you to start rapping?
A: ll cool j

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