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Devon Bar$

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Nigga fuck a stage name
(buh lee dat)
Finna run the rap game
(buh lee dat)
Got a lot vengeance double h killin rappers that you niggas think im insane (do do it)

Loyalty yeah we keep that

It's cod, where ya dreams at?

Cerebral killa, dissecting ya studio until i get some muthafuckin respect

Nigga was good
Was poppin

From chiraq
All the way to compton

I put it down for team
Real nigga never ever name droppin

Wanna bees steady all k-dotin

Thinking they ballin but they really floppin

Im going strong, losing is no option
I'm going hard, don't you feel this beat knockin
I'm the crack in ya pyrex pot n
I rap wita apron betty crockin'
Stay spittin d-bar$
Till you niggas realize
That ima threat
And you gotta send the swat in