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It'somewhat Humanoid!

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Theres a monster in this deep dark cave
But theres a light at thend of this maze
So ill push on n fight th fight
Throughout all this hopeless night

Ya see, whenever trouble comes my way
I jus ave tsay
You dont really scare me
Ill take you on treach my destiny!

Theres a rich man that controls my smile
That ill take back for jus a lil while
Then i will see that i am strong
Jus try n stop me now, sir!

Black n blue
I look jus like you with your scars
Youre rough with time n what it brought
But, you cant teach me music
Music teaches you
You cant be my jesus
Cause jesus will show you
That love punches pretty hard
Its never too late
Never too late tsmile
Chill bro
Stop slappin em with your power
Its all very sour
Love, grumpy, indiffrent shoot!

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