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And The Kid

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Factories are humming
Eating me alive
At this desk i will probably die

22 please
22 i beg you
22 please
22 i beg you
I wanna win one thousand units of any kind of money

I won't open the letter
The letter bring tears
I won't open the letter
The letter brings tear

Give me paper
I will give you something in return
Don't be naughty
I will have to use my phone
And take your sorry life away
Sorry life away

10 in the evening
6 in the morning
4 in the afternoon
I haven't slept much
I trust that machine
I won't do much to turn it off
They stop me with their faces
I don't wanna see their faces

A weak mind can beat mine anytime

Unplug the plug maam
Stop the production maam
Stop your husband
I like your face
It's nice and kind

You park your car right by the door of our cave
May i scratch it so you punish me?
May i leave without goodbye?

The pills are taking over
That machine won't stop
It's just another day
In the factory

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