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pochette album Fade away and radiate
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Date de parution : 05/07/2005

Durée : 0:04:01

Style : Rock

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Ooh baby i hear how you spend night.
Time wrapped like candy in a blue blue.
Neon glow fade away.
And radiate fade.
Away radiate.
Ooh baby watchful lines.
Vibrate soft.
In brainwave time silver pictures.
Move so slow.
Golden tubes faintly glow.
Faces seem to merge.
Hidden voices mock your words.
Fade away radiate.
Fade away.
And radiate.
The beams become my.
Dream my dream.
Is on the screen the.

Beams become my dream.
My dream is on.
The screen dusty.
Frames that still arrive.
Die in 1955.
Fade away and ra.
Diate fade away.
And radiate.
The beam becomes my.
Dream my dream.
Is on the screen.
Fade away and radiate.
Fade away.
And radiate fade away.
Radiate fade away radiate.

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