Paroles de Fading

Andy Ferguson

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Date de parution : 28/09/2013

Durée : 0:03:59

Style : Alternative Folk

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Little bit of something could i, little bit of something should i, try ,try
Little bit of memory , your sweet embrace, i fit perfectly im, fine , fine
Little bit of happiness, and what we had of peaceful bliss will, fly , fly

Little bit of summer's kiss, now autumns leaves they tear and twist and, shy, shy
Little bit of someone, wish you'd hurt so bad, how hard i miss you, cry, cry
Take this hand and follow me, we step outside, the stars they sing goodnight, night

I know we were moving way too fast, i was hoping this would last
And i shudder when i think, how this could end up differently
Im not so good at taking it slow, my friends will all say told you so
But i dont care what they say, cuz all i wanna do is be your baby .

Little bit of solitude, i sleep away the afternoon go bye, bye
Little bit of emptiness, my soul i speaks through all of this dont lie, lie
Secretly i turn from you, my eyes they shine, my heart will bruise and die, die

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