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Gather round and listen to
The tales i have to tell
Of demons, death and misery
In this wonderland called hell

The things that children dream of
Are present in this land
Look in my eyes and trust me
Come take my hand

The looking glass doth break
Revealing all inside
A land of joy and misery
No place for you to hide

We are your darkest fears
Faerie tale, nightmare fantasy
Keeper or souls, stealer or breath
The legions, revel in ecstasy

The nightmares that awake you
Believe that they are real
The demons laugh and feast upon
The children's hearts they steal

Tempted into darkness
By those who would be true
Lured and deceived
By the evil that we do

Sugar and spice and everything nice
Fortune favors the chosen few
Laughter and tears, heartache and tears
Emotional torture inside of you

Sing a song of sixpence
Mummy's going to die
Daddy is the devil
And baby's going to cry

You're safe with me
You wait with bated breath
The pied piper plays his song
Come follow to your death

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