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(james 4:7-10)
Rise up and stand all childern of the light
The time has come for us to do what's right
No more fakery, no more games
No more compromise, no more names
Ears chalked full of lead
Listen to what i've said
You know the truth, but do you care?
You think that life is so unfair
You act like you don't know
That our god took that fatal blow

Don't you realize it's failure to submittance
Failure to submittance

God gave free will
He gave his only son
Why abuse what jesus christ has done?
For you he gave eternal life
Peace of mind - you have no strife
But still you won't submit
You're just a foolish hypocrite
Now you know what is real
The time has come for you to feel...
Holy spirit gives you life once again


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