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Kate And Corey

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The olive tree thats branches fill with peace and second chances
Warms the ether on the far horizon line.
And im trying just to reach it if i cant do ill just teach it but
Thats such an awful way to compromise.

When cigarettes have filled the tray and daytimes just to far away
I sometimes waste my time just to ignore
The fact that if i make it so i never, ever make it
I will never have to win and never lose.

So i learn to do my dances while the moonlight just enhances
My ability to fool myself again.

Page by page in blackened books i pretend im a star.
And in my room i cant believe ive gotten half this far.

Chorus: failure! such a sweet disguise
Failure! underneath my eyes
Never! will i let myself
Ever! admit that i dont really know what im dong here.

Just another day in paris of maybe today it tokyo
Its hard to keep mu bearings straight you know.
The ceiling tiles still look the same and everyone still knows my name
But im sure its just coincidence, im sure.

The girl that brings me coffee gently smiles and rolls her eyes at me
But i tell myself that everyones insane.
And back to work i go i know i play a lot of solitaire
But it really helps me focus in again

And im waiting for the next train in a station deep in my brain
With my ticket to the future in my hand.

Turn by turn i always seem to end up right back here.
I need to find a way to silence all these hopes and fears.

Chorus: failure! always looks the same
Failure! i can always blame
Failure! on the outside world
Never! admit that i dont really know what im doing here.


And tears will sometimes fill my eyes when something on the tv
Makes me realize how much more i could have done
Starving kids in zimbabwe and music schools in kenya
But instead i chose to stare into the sun.

And im trying to ignore it but its getting so much louder
And im not sure what im doing anymore (2x)

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