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Silent Descent

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Date de parution : 12/03/2008

Durée : 0:05:12

Style : Rock

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A piece of hate,
No time to breathe, too late.
Reminisce it was never fate.
Look deeper, it breathes inside.
Won't you lend me your eyes?
Lend me your eyes!

Green, this is torturing me,
Colours blurred and burst within me.
Burning up my pride,
I need to rip out my eyes,
Fucking rip out my eyes!

Does everyone
Feel like this?
Won't someone
Quote my existence?

In absence of empathy,
There lies insecurity.
Blurred fucked self depiction,
Built upon other's image description.
Walk back and out of light,
Guaranteed to bleed tonight.
I can't stand to watch.

Does anybody really know me?
Does anybody know a thing about me?
Does anybody fucking know me?
I think i'm going crazy!

I need not to be,
Alone in a selfish misery,
I need to focus on me.
I need to rip out my eyes,
Fucking rip out my eyes!

What the fuck?

I've had enough of falling,
Wanna tear myself some wings.
Let me fade or fly away,
I'll step back down and sing.

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