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Earth Wind & Fire

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Glory seeker, fortune hound, don't you ever break it on down
Ain't you been to school? ain't you learned the rules?
Ain't you paid them dues? the life you need is fair, fair but so uncool

Rip off artis, shootin' down, if you dig it, you're a clown
Can't you understand? can't you lend a hand?
Can't you be a man? greedy joker, slidin' by, dealin' jone's with a high

Don't cha see it's wrong? don't cha wait too long?
Don't cha hear this song? time is passin', time is gone
Meet your mirror, further on, won't you ever yearn?
Ever yearn to learn, won't ya take ya turn?
The life you lead is fair, fair but so uncool

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