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Roger Miller

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Date de parution : 02/06/2014

Durée : 0:02:07

Style : Jazz

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One time a long time ago on a mountain in switzerland yolololo
There lived a fair young maiden lovely but lonely yohohoho
Day by the day she'd pine her heart away yololololadylay cause no love came her way
One day her papa say someday we'll go down to the village in the valley
There'll you meet a nice young man he'll ask for your hand then you'll be happy
( umpa umpa umpa )
But every day she grew unhappier on the mountain in switzerland yolololo
Every day a little bit lonelier which a way to turn which a way to go
And day after day she'd pine her heart away yololololadylay but no love came her way
Some say the maiden's dreams never came true
She never got to go to the valley
If she did i really don't know ohohoh did she die unhappy
I had rather think she found her love wouldn't you rather think she did find love
Somewhere someway yodelladylay yodelladyley

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