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Dan Mangan

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Date de parution : 24/10/2012

Durée : 0:05:48

Style : Alternative

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Turn the bars into cars
And wait for the lights to change
And take shape of people we used to know
'til we grow less fond of knowing

And we can ride in the night
And discard all of the facts
On our backs remembering the thoughts
That we thought since we got over our parents

And if we go where we go
And don't tell anyone where we're from
We can cut and paste the stars into our hearts
And understand their language

And we won't spit with out mouths
Or draw lines in the dirt with our heels
And every single day, we'll just wait
And hope to see the next one

If we go down too easy my dear
We'll still be the heart of envy
Of all our friends and peers
All i can hope

To my home
The thoughts are in my head
And my bed is full of things i left
When i left her there

And the light through the blinds
And through the window pane
And the lane, where the fire is getting cold
For they have burned all of their belongings

And up the stairs, there's a pair
Who like to be made sure
That they were everything they are
For they are sadly mistaken

Now i forget how we met
And those days have all passed
Now cast is filing to the stage
In a rage and taking their places

If we go down too easy, my dear
We'll still be the heart of envy
Of all our peers and friends
My dear, to them

We'll be has beens, to them
Be rogue waves, to them
Be lost dreams,
Just posers posing

We'll leave when our eyes,
And weave our goodbyes,
And if that's what it takes,
We'll both drink the kool-aid again

'til we've forgotten where our hearts have been
'til we've forgotten where our hearts have been
'til we forget just where our hearts have been

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