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Norma Jean

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Fairy tale fairy tale tell me now a fairy tale
Tell me once again how it's me that you adore
And how we gonna live so happily for ever more

Once upon a time not very long ago the whole magic world was mine
You made me believe then that you loved me so but that was once upon a time
For you never loved me so you went away my whole magic world fell in
That's when i found out you made up fairy tales better than the brothers grim
Fairy tale fairy tale...
( keyboard )
Wish you tell me what am i suppose to do with a castle in the air
Filled with broken dreams that never can come true since you are no longer there
Though i know you just don't love me anymore please help me to pretend
Take me in your arms the way you did before and tell a fairy tale again
Fairy tale fairy tale...
Fairy tale fairy tale...

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