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Oksana Angel

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Verse 1
With your endless love you fill each day, you fill each night
With you im in love and i believe in fairytales again, again, again
You make me feel like im your star but i only shine because you gave me the light
I learn from you even when you dont say a word you are my fairytale

Fairytale, fairytale
You make me live my fairytale
Fairytale, fairytale
You are my fairytale

Verse 2
With your endless love you fill my mind, you fill my soul
With you im in love and i can fly, i can see miracles up in the sky
You are the greatest gift of all because you live with love, you give me my fairytale
The kindness of your heart shines through (uh-uh-uh) fairytale

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