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Date de parution : 21/08/2007

Durée : 0:05:05

Style : Electronic

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All things come in threes
Good, bad, in between
You can chance on beating the odds
But luck goes sight unseen

Round and round, up and down
Only in until youre out
At the bottom or the top
Til the other shoe has dropped

Double dare, roll those dice
Raise the stakes, live or die
You can have your pound of flesh
If the price is right

Into the unknown
Everyone must walk alone
And this youd better believe
Keeps us thick as thieves

Fait accompli
Im beside myself
Cant control the outcome
Will i live to tell?

Bed of nails, virtue, vice
To eat your cake you will have to fight
Every dog will have its day
As the turning wind will change

Seven precious deadly sins
Brotherhood of innocence
Who you are and how you live
Theres no unfair advantage

Paper, scissor, stone
Gamble wisely and be bold
Whether powerful or meek
The truth is anything goes

Fait accompli
Just a twist of fate
Theres no rhyme or reason
How i find my way

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