Paroles de Faith comes by hearing

Josiah Ruff

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Date de parution : 04/06/2012

Durée : 0:05:18

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Sometimes i feel like i'm talking to myself
When i kneel down to pray and i ask you for help
I know you're listening even though i can't see
What your will is for my life

But you said in your word
That you'd never leave my side
But it's there is that hope
That i've got to hold on tight
Even though i can't see
In your word i believe
I know that my help is on the way

- chorus -
Faith comes from hearing your word
And holding to what it says
And if i have faith i can do all things
Like even move those mountains over there

My brother my sister don't give up hope
There's no problem to big or to hard
That my jesus can't solve
Even when trying times
Are the worst of times
He said he'd make a way of escape

- chorus -

So let the winds blow
Let the storm surround me
Although i believe in something
That i cannot see
I know he's made a way for me

- chorus -

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