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The grave of our youth is up ahead
And life has become a burden
We move in circles of suppressed despair
Waiting for the sun
And turning stone to find evidence
But it hide in the recesses of our heats

A written decree of our loss
And we carried no faith in the cross
And the cold years are coming
For the victims of a longing

Out through the doors of starvation
And into the rain of damnation
Where the bitter winds are singing

For the victims of longing

We carried along through squalor
With an inborn need to dominate and possess
It give birth to an anger inside
And we can't control this
The blood of departure in our tracks
Dripping from our emptying vessels
Your and reached out mine
But you're graping melting ice

Alseep in the rain
A child once again
And the ghost in my head
Has forgive me
Lifted his curse upon me

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