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Townshend Pete

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(pete townshend/jon astley/billy nichols/jon lind)
You can fake it
Hold my hand
If you take it
I will understand
I don't care if you fake it
I don't give a damn
I don't care if you fake it
Don't you understand
You might laugh at me later
But why not smile at me now
Don't ever feel like a traitor
You're not letting me down
Fake it, fake it
I can take it
Love's just an end, it's the means we feel
Fake it, fake it
I can make it
Why not pretend that your love is real
Why not fake it?
I'm going to ask you to act it
Don't let me see if you're bored
If you use the right tactic
You will hear me applaud
I don't mind what you're thinking
I'll just guess what you feel
Don't regret you've been drinking
To make your pleasure look real
Fake it, fake it
I can take it
I don't believe in eternity
Fake it, fake it
Help me make it
I've taken leave of all dignity
Why not fake it?
I am prepared to put up with this
Because i love you so much
And i know that you probably don't love me in the same way
But if you care for me at all
Then take me in your arms
Fabricate the way you feel
I'll just pretend that it's allfor real
Fake it anyway
You can fake it
Hold my had
If you fake it
I will understand

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