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Naoko Jackson

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January 23rd.... this is our anniversary date that we met.
It has been 2 years we have been together and a year and half living together
My time is wasted because of him.
My life is screwed up because of him.
My love is destroyed because of him.
My soul has died because of him.
He was fake lover who pretend somebody he is not.
Just for the money

I was fool real fool.
I should have known better.
How could i be so blind
I should have protected myself better.
I should have been prepared myself better.
Never trust man.
Maybe it was love i thought it was but all fake
What was wrong with me ?
He was just fake lover trying to use me and my money.
All fake.. everything he said , everything he did
All fake..

I am not going to cry no more.
I am going to be strong.
I can do better
I will do it.
Because i am a strong woman...

No matter how many fake lovers i go thru.
I will find the real one
I deserved to be loved
Because i am a good woman

No more tears
No more fighting
No more fake lover

Let's just move out and get my own place.
And look for the good things in life.
One day i will find the real lover.