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(intro: destorm)
So i was trying to come up with an acronym for f.a.k.e.
Cause that's half these motherfuckers out here
And i swear they be false advertising, killing expectations
They false advertising, killing expectations

(hook: destorm)
Nigga i ain't perfect, but nobody's perfect
So all these lies you telling, it ain't worth it
Tell me why you false advertising, killing expectations
False advertising, killing expectations
You're so fake, so fake
Why you so fake? why you so fake
I caught you slipping
False advertising, killing expectations
You false advertising, killing expectations
So fake

(verse 1: destorm)
I see you got so many followers on instagram
Thirteen likes, that's an insta-scam
Two to three comments on your mentions, ma'am
Retire girl, get a better pension plan
That bell won't save you, kapowski
Go and tell 'em that bag from canal street
Those fake red bottoms you got 'em in the alley
Really? louboutons on a four-figure salary?
Facebook frontin' like you winning out in cali
But your bills being paid by some nigga in the valley
Driving his coupe, he put you through school
Now you owe him head, you ain't on sally mae
I'll talk 'bout these dudes, though
All the shit you say ain't true, yo
You say you had a table at the supper club
With the ballers kickin' like judo
Lies, lies, all of these lies, pinocchio, all of these guys
Swear you on your grind on the music biz
Telling every bitch you got a movie script
And that truck ain't yours, it's a rental
Fucked up teeth, nigga, focus on your dental (damn)
When shorty find out cause she's sure to find out
You ain't got no words like a fuckin' instrumental
These men are just fake, these women are fake
Even your pastor and minister's fake
We're all insecure, i don't care what you say
Every nigga need a boost (energy shake)
And i ain't gon' front like i don't lie
Got 20 pairs of j's, four fly new rides
Clipping that shit that wasn't in the budget
But i'mma say "fuck it" 'till i kick the bucket


(verse 2: talib kweli)
Why you lying to the people?
Severe lack of trust like you eyeing for the peep hole
Thought you was bubbling like liko
Living by the g code, really you informer like deep throat
Steady telling on yourself, you in trouble with police
Cause your whole time lying like a peep show
Now you're ma'fuckin' ass out
Get deboed by the government with the repo
Your fake tales from the state pen
Have all been revealed now your publicist preparing a statement
Fuck this, we ain't hearing your case
Can you stare in the face of the death that you're chasing
That's like the emperor with no clothes
These hoes get exposed like the asshole naked
I gotta do some praying, hate is what's left
In the place when trust gets taken
Dedication, real recognize real and i know it on a first name basis
Man, your shit is fugazi
If truth is place i'm a native like a reservation
Niggas swear they got beef like a butcher with blood on an apron
But they're faker than veggie bacon with they miss cleo accent
"call me now," you're a blood clot, you're faking
I ain't perfect, just working nonstop with no vacation
Feeling like a prisoner with no visitation
Angel in one ear, the other ear hearing the whispers of satan
I'm impatient, so i'm taking it now, no waiting
Fuck false advertising, killing expectations, hey!


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