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Driving from your house, the music's off, there's not a sound somehow i got lost and ended up in fredricktown you seem to have a good time when you're playing with my head like invite me to your house and when i get there go to bed like you don't even want me around if i had the force i'd use it to give you a kiss but that's not what its for and i know yoda would be pissed i got my hopes up so high only to be crushed again cause you said you got upset because you saw your old boyfriend you'll never be mine no matter how my friends insist i wish i had what it take to make you want this i would never let you slip away i met you in september and its been so very long i know that i am ugly but why do you lead me on you said i'll see you later but what i really fear is later's not tommorow and i'll see you in a year and i don't think that my heart is that strong i never seem to have the nerve to say it to your face it's never the right time and almost never the right place i have no other way but to do it in this song because i'm in love with you and have been for so long and i fall a little harder every time i see your face i wish i had what it takes to make you want this i would never let you slip away

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