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A.tone Da Priest

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(verse 1)
The world is crumbling round me /this systems coming down see
Dont want to be the first to go
I know i said it but they never wanna hear me / in bliss neglect the fear
Peace at last its nothing but a show
(verse 2)
We folding quick and falling / the door dont stop revolving
To hell the fires calling out i hear them talking on
They screaming that they all in / persistently they stalling
No survivors cause they live in doubt
Well i got so much to speak but i rather not say
I hear my fate calling but i never obey
I swear they wanna stop me tell me live their way (but i cant)
The one who stands tall will be the first to fall
If you play by the rules, then youll get it all
And the one whos to loud will be the last one that they call
Fall in line

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