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Noah Pine

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Fall into my arms
Trust that i'm the man for you
Love me for me, just me
And i will love you

Will you be there for me for ups and downs
When i am on top and kicked to the ground
I'll tell you my feelings, the ones deep inside
Surrender the world, let you in my life
When i go back to the states,
You'll come with me right, stand tall with pride
Be your dream that compliments mine
Whisper in my ear, everything gonna be alright

I can finally sleep at night, i have found my divine
I stay mysterious, that is the nature of life
Reveal yourself to me baby, give it everything you got
I sing my heart out every moment i live
When its quiet, i like the quiet, lets dig the silence
Listen to each other breathe and just be still.
I'm your man
Listen to your man
Tell your friends, that he's the one for me

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