Paroles de Fall

John Elefante

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Date de parution : 01/01/1997

Durée : 0:04:07

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Moving through time on a carousel dream
Beneath me the ground won't stop spinning
All is fair in my pursuit of the brass ring
I'm running a race no one's winning

And i search through the forest for a diamond in the rough
And i stumble on a pot of gold, but it's never enough
And i cover my eyes and pretend i don't see
I should be looking for you instead of looking for me

When i fall in you, when i fall in you
I'm covered by love and submerged in your truth
When i fall in you

Tearing down mountains, repainting the sky
Pretending to be my own hero
I strive for independence, on me i rely
Pride is a wound that can't heal

Take my soul on a journey, try to find rainbow's end
I throw caution to the wind, i get knocked down again
But i'll hold on for what i know i must do
Cause i don't need what i want
What i need is what's true

When i fall in you, when i fall in you
It becomes clear to me who you want me to be
When i fall in you

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