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Ja Rule

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Rule, 700
You know how we do, yeah
Fuck all them objects down on their hard luck.
They say it never make sense til it adds up,
And that the truck is never full til it backs up.
And that you've never been betrayed til friends act up.
Yep. what kind of world are we living in?
When the only concern is the car that i'm whippin in?
Heh, and i'm so vein i just twittered it,
Didn't like the way it came so i kidded it.
No bullshit, what's worse,the gift for the curse.
Whoever does it last aint better than the first.
In the first place. unless ya mj,
Pick one, dead or alive.
I'm a moonwalker, space jammer, on planet 9.
I'm a martian, nope, i'm an alien, nope,
I'm a rich nigger. two holes with your green, yeah.
I'm a monster, incredible piece of a drain.

I'm fallin to pieces
I'm fallin to pieces

I never paid a nigga that fixed it til it made it,
If anything, i learned to paid him. yep.
So i dont list in the fourths,
Cause i don't wanna make you figure rappers look small.
Mugs and bows, and ...
In comparison, im above ya'll
It's so ......
You ain't ever gonna get there,
Even in a lightyear. nor a leap year,
'cause every four years,
I come up with a style that's superior.
According to the carter year, niggas got a year.
The automayor sayin this time let's kill em dead.
Yeah. so i rhyme no reason.
I'm blessed but gotta exercise my demons.
I'm, still alive but i'm barely breathin',
And when her heart breaks no it don't break even.
And i've been to hell in the name of jesus,
And prayed every night on my life it freezes.
Im fallin, to pieces.

I'm fallin to pieces.
I'm fallin to pieces
I'm fallin to pieces, yeah, yeah.

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