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Comeback Kid

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Date de parution : 01/10/2011

Durée : 0:02:22

Style : Rock

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Right now i'm feeling useless
It's all the same
It's all the same to me
This curse is growing stronger

This isn't how i thought it would be now
I would pave the way
But i've got nothing to say
Thinking out loud
Who do you want me to be me

We saw, we had a vision
We heard, but didn't listen
I never could accept what they would offer
What they would give

My battle's not against you
I'm fighting with myself
Because i'm pulled in each direction
They're all the same with different names

Falling apart
Fall down fall, falling apart

We can't pretend
That we've ever been safe
Can you hear the sound

Find your reasons beyond
Feed the urge, take it beyond

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