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Date de parution : 24/01/2005

Durée : 0:04:45

Style : Rock

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It's very cold on the edge i'm standing alone counting footsteps
Which will lead me to the bottom of life.
Sun is gone even the stars are not shining anymore...
All that is left is dark!

Now i need endless sunrise
To take away the pain i feel
As i drink from a cup of my life
Just bring me back
All the games from the childhood
The power to believe
That eternity is coming to us

On the wings of tired flocks
My soul will travel
Will i ever find my way
From here to eterity?

Falling asleep...
While autumn leaves cover me
In the dark night...
With candles i'm burning free!

Another dawn, sun is rising again
But i know it will set
By the end of the day
Give me all - keys of eternity
So i can hide my youth
In the infinite universe

When i become dust,
My memories will stay there
Until the end of time
To live in the hands of life

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