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Date de parution : 21/06/2011

Durée : 0:04:09

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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And in come the strings
Playing my patience like a note, that i never had the guts to say
I been living with your lies, cause my life dont feel quite right
Unless im swelling from the honey bee's sting
And look at what you bring me girl,
Nothing but drama
Holdin on strong, making me feel your walls
How long can we go, till we're nothing but a pile of bones
Stand tall in the cold, right
You tell me that its over, and show me what its like to have a stomach full of sulphur
And loving you has taught me to keep a hand on the holster
Incase i gotta shoot a couple holes
But what the hell do i know
I dont know shit, unless im hanging off the curve of your lips
I've been looking for an angle like you, since the devil in me
Made it obvious it doesn't exist
How, how will i figure this out
Undertow draging you down beneath my comfort zone,
But that love i gave you drowned
Im freakin' out, speaking with your name in my mouth
And i dont want to live without you, i just want to
Heal your clouds away, away, away
And into the fake smiles, walking 'round
Like a stray child, tryna find a quiet place to sleep
I dont know if you can feel it in the air, when you step into the street
But ive been findin' it a little hard to breathe
And look at what you brought me girl, nothing but pain
Spendin my money for the walk in the rain, im drained
I never wanted this to be the outcome,
When i can never trust you and all i get is how come
Why, after everything i gave you,
You can share it with a stranger, every time i went away,
Ive been lied to before girl, i see it in your face,
That you don't care about the broken heart i taste
But what the hell do i know?
I know the world will go blind,
If i open up the cage in my mind,
I been running from an angel like you, since the devil in me
Showed me heavens not about a bottom line,

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